Hi! My name is Bianca and I am an artist and illustrator from Romania. After completing my studies in graphic techniques in Iasi and illustrated book and animation in Spain, with the information obtained, I was motivated to continue telling stories through images. I have a background of 3 years in the video game industry and I make graphic works in both traditional and digital techniques, brightly colored, delicate and playful, which convey an original story. My illustrations are used in picture books, private projects, and can often be found printed on different products.

Since 2021 I am a member of the Romanian Illustrators Club and I can’t wait to take part in various group activities and exhibitions.

Published books:

Christmas poems, carols and legends – Gama Publishing House, 2017
Sketches and stories by I.L. Caragiale-
Gama Publishing House, 2018
Adventures in the Wardrobe World –
Heroes’ Workshop, 2020
The stories of my childhood –
Gama Publishing House, 2021
The joy of knowing through stories –
UEO Publishing House, 2021
Adventures with children and animals –
UEO Publishing House, 2021
Mihnea says “Thank you!” –
Viață și Sănătate Publishing House, 2021
God’s Gifts for Us –
Viață și Sănătate Publishing House, 2021
The robin’s summer –
Viață și Sănătate Publishing House, 2022
Aelia, the dacian girl –
UEO Publishing House, 2022
Well Rounded – Two Worlds, 2022
Pavlo and Nina’s journey – Viață și Sănătate Publishing House, 2022
Guardians of the Mercy Seat – Viață și Sănătate Publishing House, 2022
Scrum, the confectionery dragon – Robert Eisler, 2022

Even if your project is big or small, commercial or private, my goal is to make sure that we have a collaboration that we can enjoy together, from the sketch to the completion of the project. If you are interested in licensing an existing work or you want to start a project together, please do not hesitate to contact me at anton.bianca24@gmail.com and I will be happy to come with an offer.

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