The story of the moon

The illustrations are inspired by a story from Indian folklore about how the moon was created.

At the beginning of the world, the Creator made only the Sun in the sky. There was no concept of night, and the day was so long that it never ended. The creatures worked non-stop, even when they were resting, so the Creator asked the Sun to rise after a while and rise at the same time to give them time to sleep. But because there was nothing left to light when the darkness ate the light, confusion was created and the creatures hit each other, ruined their crops and out of need, fell asleep. It was so bad that when they woke up, they found their plants eaten by birds.

The Creator, asking right and left and finding out the creatures’ opinion, consulted with the Sun and decided to create the Moon. In the dark, when the Sun went down, the Moon rose and shed its light over the earth as smoothly as a river.

Ever since the Creator brought the Moon in the sky, there is now both day and night in the world. When the Sun completes its turn, the Moon takes its place and shines in the sky like a night light, hating all creatures on Earth.

Mixed media: goauche and colored pencils